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Our Mission

Our mission statement is to provide 'Excellence in Day Surgery' and is achieved by providing a portfolio of services which:

Rotating_Bullet.gif (6375 bytes)  are perceived by the patient to be easy to use, coordinated and appropriately located;

Rotating_Bullet.gif (6375 bytes)  are provided in a cost effective manner; andViewng X-Rays

Rotating_Bullet.gif (6375 bytes)   produce good health outcomes.

By adopting models of care which are based on best practice protocols reflecting evidenced-based medicine and nursing.

By working with the general practitioners and other primary care providers to facilitate continuity of care and to develop primary care-led models of care.

By actively promoting teaching and research within the hospital and profession as well as strengthening strategic alliances with other organisations. This will facilitate staff education and the pursuit of knowledge.

By developing strategic alliances with public and private sectors, to improve service delivery, cost efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Company Profile

Sir John Monash Private Hospital is a free standing day surgery hospital.  It offers 2 operating rooms, a procedure room, 1st and 2nd stage recoveries and overnight accommodation.

Scrubbing for an operationSir John Monash Private Hospital is Accredited with ISO 9001:2008 and has recently been assessed and successfully met National Standards 1 10.

Sir John Monash Private Hospital is regarded to be amongst the top 10 of its kind in Australia and the hospital is used to showcase its provision of healthcare by various members of the State and Federal Departments' of Health.

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