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Paediatric Admission Brochure


For children, a visit to the hospital can often be traumatic.  Staff at Sir John Monash have specific expertise to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

Parents are respected, consulted and involved.  To this end we have produced a special brochure for your child's stay at Sir John Monash Private.

Children are special people, and need special treatment for their visit to hospital.   Nobody knows this the child better than their parents or care givers, so these people should use their instincts to make the child feel at ease.  The brochure is an attempt to share our experience, in the belief it will be of some assistance to you .   Further help is available directly from our experienced staff who will be happy to discuss this further.






Key Benefits

Children and parents/care givers are encouraged to visit the hospital for a tour and explanation prior to the admission.
A parent or care giver is encouraged to accompany the child into the operating room for the induction of the anaesthetic in most circumstances.
With day surgery, the child's routine is only disrupted minimally.


Preparing a child for a general anaesthetic




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