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Why Day Surgery?

Modern advances in technology, research and new operating methods mean that recovery times have greatly reduced for many procedures.  Where in the past you may have been "out of action for days", you can now be out of hospital in less than 24 hours.OR Action

Key Benefits

Rotating_Bullet.gif (6375 bytes)    Faster recovery means less discomfort and generally better healing,

Rotating_Bullet.gif (6375 bytes)    Less disruption and time away from family and business commitments,

Rotating_Bullet.gif (6375 bytes)    The option of recovering in the comfort of your own home,

Rotating_Bullet.gif (6375 bytes)    Less cost,

Rotating_Bullet.gif (6375 bytes)    Less time away from work,

Rotating_Bullet.gif (6375 bytes)    More personalised and convenient care.

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